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      Add.:No.6, Lianan Road, Fuan Industrial Park, Leliu, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong.


      Mobile: +86-13702832800


      Location:Home > Function Socks

      Fibers from the sea-Tianzhirun Crab yarn socks

      A natural chitin chitosan composition has an excellent antibacterial effect. It can keep you feet clean and inhibits bacterial growth and prevent sweat.
      Japanese professional company through years of researches to fibrosis the chitin and patented it and produced crab yarns which have sustained antimicrobial effect. Crab yarn knitwear has soft touch freshly cut, no stimulation, moisture permeability, thermal insulation, antibacterial, deodorant and other functions. It also passed the JISL-1902 quantitative method finds benchmark test SEK mark.
      Tianzhirun Chinese socks are woven from yarn with crab. In five years they got favorable comments from users, especially the users with special foot odor, athlete's foot (athlete's foot).

      Cotton fabric is soft and comfortable, which has good moisture permeability, heat resistance, alkali resistance, hygienic properties and well thermal effects.

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